Thursday, 28 October 2010

Voyage to new Zealand

1st leg. Tahiti to Aitutaki, Cook Islands- October 20-25th 2010

Marina Hanbury, Edo Flisi, new Captain Adrian Midwood and myself, have completed this leg of Lone Wolf’s voyage. First, we stopped for the night at Bora Bora. There, I met a Polynesian transvestite, who said to me: “ I grew up in Mayfair. The realization that the other kids I knew did not have a butler, a cook and servants, really came as quite a shock.”

We then proceeded to Maupiti. Unlike last time, when we failed to enter the Maupiti pass, due to breakers at the entrance, it was calm, and we entered without hindrance. What a beautiful and enchanting place Maupiti is! It is said to resemble Bora Bora, but without the crowds, and that is fairly apt. It contains one sleepy village, no banks, and not much in the way of stores. It is wonderfully green, fertile and mountainous, and the sea is an incredible shade of turquoise. It is a truly amazing place to visit. If I had to live there, I would probably shoot myself.

After leaving Maupiti, we embarked on a 48 hour trip to Aitutaki, in the Cook Islands. For the first 36 hours, the ocean was glassy smooth, like a lake. It was not to last. We approach Aitutaki as I write, and the waves have grown in intensity during the night, making it uncomfortable for all. Lone is now getting tossed around a fair bit, but is about to receive a well earned rest for a couple of days (as are her crew!) in the lee of the island, until the weather improves, We cannot enter the lagoon, due to our 7 foot draught .

The Cook Islands are administered by New Zealand. Apparently the authorities are about to seize our fresh fruit and vegetables, and spray the boat with DDT. Or maybe not, I will keep you posted. If they don’t check us out, we will not be checking in, daring outlaws that we are…


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  2. Arggh mateys, Good to see your back on the south seas.

    Safe dispatch,

    looking forward to following progess.

    Say hi to the anchor for me.

    love S.Poppins